Walking to Socrates Sculpture Park

Walking to a Park 15 Miles Away

Walking a New Routine

Walking to a Bridge in the Bronx with a Depleted Battery

Walking to Brooklyn Museum for JR & Winogrand

Walking the Process Path

Walking to the George Washington Bridge (or the ends of the earth)

Walking to a Massive Attack show to see Britney Spears lose a memory card

A cemetery landscape on the walk to Photoville

Walking to a Goal; RIP Robert Frank

Problem Solving and Shifting Strategies

New Bridges in an Anxious Economy

Walking Might Be the Fountain of Youth

Follow the desire lines, hopefully not to a recession

“it is solved by walking” (& maybe continuous research)

Manifest Dismantling and Scroll Editing

Production days + this week's recommendations

NYC & Immigration; walking is trending; peak newsletter; revisiting Camilo José Vergara

Book dummies & timing; new video experiments; Blake Andrews Interviewed; Flourish Wildly podcast & Mighty Islands from Starkweather

Flag for the 4th; Pedestrianism as sport; Foglia's Human Nature; Forests will save us


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